Big Holiday Drop - 12-16-2022

Big Holiday Drop - 12-16-2022

What's up What's up Coffee Dudes!! 

It's been a little while since I dropped some apparel but we are back and this drop is LOADED! Well, moderately loaded... 

WAVY Coffee Dude Hoodie - $45

First up is this classic Black heavy weight hoodie that everyone is going to love. We worked with Local Threads here out of San Antonio to get these hoodies printed and Dyxon and the team did a great job. White ink on a super soft and comfy garment. If you like hoodies to be slightly oversized, order up but they are pretty true to size.
These are pretty limited!! But see below if you end up not scoring.


The WILD CARD - $45

Because these black and white hoodies are limited, I'll also have a pre-order for some more AND a new color way. Navy and yellow/gold is definitely a classic and one of my favorites so I had to bust it out! I'm sure with the holidays, these will take a couple weeks to get printed BUT since Local Threads is.. well local to me, I can get them to you a little quicker in the new year!


Coffee Kids Dad Hat - $28

This hat is pretty special to me, not necessarily the design but the meaning behind it. This sketchy coffee cup brings out the inner kid while still remembering I'm a dad. Sharing the coffee experience with my little one has been a blast and so this is just the start of the Coffee Kids line to come. More kid focused gear to compliment YOUR Coffee Dude style. These are unstructured 6-panel embroidered baseball style caps. What "baseball style" means is they sit a little lower on the head. Some dad hats sit way too high, in my opinion, this style is just perfect. I hope you like it as much as my daughter has loved it. 


Coffee Dude Holiday Cup V2

Last but not least, what you've been waiting for all season. The holiday cup is here sporting the re-release of the NB 550s in the complimentary white and green colorway. You might recognize this cup design, if you do, snag a photo! I'd love to see it's bigger cousin (insert winky emoji here). As usual, these acrylic patches come with the complimentary sticker and will be available in singles or 2-packs! I'm working on upping the quantity that I put out every month and this drop is one of the bigger ones! Just trying to spread that holiday cheer you know.


Good luck everyone and I hope you all have a great Holiday season!! All of these products are in stock aside from the pre-orders so they'll ship the following Monday. Since it's the holidays, be patient with shipping. Let's hope there aren't any problems but since I'm a small dude, I can't really do a whole lot if they go missing in route so bear with me.  


Drop Info:
Friday 16th.
@ 7:00pm cst.

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