Ice Ice Baby! February's Coffee Dude Release!

Ice Ice Baby! February's Coffee Dude Release!

What’s going on coffee crew!

It’s that time of the month again where we have a new release. Let me introduce you to my good friend, my favorite drink, the cold brew!

If you’ve read some of the blog posts that I’ve written about my journey in coffee, you’d know that Cold Brew is my GO-TO drink every day! It’s almost astounding how long it’s taken me to release a cold brew character... but nonetheless I’m kicking off this new year with the new dude and I hope you enjoy this coffee as much as I do.

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Now the important news!

If you scored last month’s OG Coffee Dude, then you received a codeword. Keep that codeword handy because 15 minutes before the release you’ll be able to log on and score your own Cold Brew before anyone else.

Like past releases, this week’s drop is happening this Friday at 7 PM central standard time. Now don’t fret, if you miss out it’s OK! I’m splitting this months drop into two releases. One this week and one next week with a total of 50 patches out in the world.

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