Iced 4 Life Cold Brew

Iced 4 Life Cold Brew

My go-to drink is always a Cold Brew!

Even when it’s below 40 degrees out, always cold brew!


I think part of it is knowing that I’m a bit crazy.. but also I kinda hate when my hot coffee gets cold and even more when it gets cold REALLY fast because it’s cold outside. So, easiest solution is to always opt for a cold drink.

Have you tried a cold brew before? Not sure what exactly a Cold Brew is? Let me tell you!

So when brewing coffee, we typically know that hot water at a certain temperature is involved and your coffee grounds. When it comes to Cold Brew, it’s exactly what it’s called. It’s a brewing method that uses cold or lukewarm water and coffee grounds. Recipes vary from letting the coffee grounds soak for 12 to up to 24 hours.

Now, does it really taste any different from Iced Coffee?

YES! It actually does! Iced coffee still has that burnt (can’t think of a better description of the flavor) flavor that comes through from pouring hot water over the grounds. Where as Cold Brew has a smoother taste to it. ALSO Cold Brew is known to be stronger than a regular cup of coffee because of the extended brewing time.

If you’re interested in making your own Cold Brew at home, it’s super simple and you can’t go wrong with any recipe you find. I suggest a 12 part water to 1 part coffee ratio but I’m still working on what tastes best to me. 12:1 is pretty strong so you might want to dilute it a bit with milk or water when you serve your drink.

At the end of the day Cold Brew is life and you’ll see that soon.

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