Let’s Talk Process - Design and Making

Let’s Talk Process - Design and Making

Let’s talk about PROCESS.

Being that I am trained as a designer and have been doing similar things my entire life, process has played a pivotal role in everything I design. It starts with an initial idea! Some people would think it would start with just a sketch but I’ve created this thing called an “idea hatcher” where I list out all of my ideas, the good ones and even the bad ones. It’s not until you take a look at it a week later that you realize how bad some of these actually are but also the hidden gemstones that may now apply to what you’re working on.

Now the design process part I think you might be familiar with.

Sketching the idea. If you’ve followed any of my architecture content from years back you would know that I suck at sketching. Well at least I think so because of the one time I was told that I sucked by my architecture professor. Well despite that, lot’s of sketches go into all of my ideas. Either on napkins or on my ipad when I actually find the time! Not all sketches are fruitful but in this case I saw the sketch in my head before I put pencil to paper and I fell in love with the vision.

I’m making a pennant.

1980's Houston Astros MLB Large Vintage Pennant in 2021 | Pennant, Houston  astros, Astros

I remember growing up and walking around at the flea market with my family and seeing these really cool old baseball flags in the vintage sport shops and they were so cool! Something about them connected my dreams of being a professional baseball player but also my aspirations of becoming a designer. The lettering, the logos, the colors, each one told a story about a the home team. A few years ago I was at a pop-up market in Rhode Island and I came across a late 70s/early 80s Houston Astros pennant. My home team! AND My favorite Astros colorway!!! I snagged that pennant up right away to add it to my collection without a second thought.


Ideas take time, they grow with age and can become something really cool. Hopefully you find this pennant as cool as I do.

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