New Hi-Top Coffee has Landed!

New Hi-Top Coffee has Landed!


Not sure if this is linking to the IG Reel I posted correctly but anyways, I’ll tell you a bit about it.

I picked up these “Two Fers” tins of coffee from Hi-Top coffee, a roaster and cafe in Fresno, California. I’ve never been but I’ve heard great things! Also, I bought their coffee because I’ve SEEN great things! They’ve got some of the coolest little packaging concept when it comes to coffee and taste testing. Some of these specialty coffees can be pretty pricy and what better way to reap the benefits than to try it out first. I picked up two Ethiopians, a Panamanian, and El Salvadoran. Each roast varies from being Natural processed or Washed. I’m a huge fan of fruit forward coffees so needless to say a couple of these fit that bill. The other two have slightly different tasting notes which I’m excited to try since I’ve never had Panamanian and El Salvadoran coffees before!

Give them a follow or order some of their products, so far it’s been a solid 10/10!

Instagram @hitop_coffee

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