Now In Stock at Corazón Coffee!!

Now In Stock at Corazón Coffee!!

Yo what's up! Happy Monday!

I just wanted to share some awesome news with you all! As you may have noticed, I'm now stocking pins! Pins are one of those things that I try really hard to ignore at every store I go to and especially every coffee shop but still tend to buy... Well that's probably more of a ME problem BUT I wanted to create something a little more accessible to everyone than just the Ranger Eye patches I release. I know those sell out pretty fast and not everyone can score a drop so I'm hoping these pins will fill that void!

NOW for the GOOD NEWS!!!

I have these pins available in the first coffee shop! I'm so pumped to start to reach out to locals who have no idea who I am and what I do and I really think this is a great opportunity to grow the COFFEE CREW!! 

Now this doesn't mean I will stop making RE's and catering to the EDC crew... Y'all will always be my homies and number one in my heart so that's never stopping! I'm just hoping to make connections and hopefully collab with local coffee shops to give YOU guys more of an incentive to try new coffee shops and to score them all! 

Anyways, this is a huge step for me and Coffee Dude and I hope you'll keep following this journey!

You can find them here ⬇️

Corazón Coffee
3302 Canal St Suite 60, Houston, TX 77003


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