There’s a New Truck on the Block! Eight Ball Coffee

There’s a New Truck on the Block! Eight Ball Coffee

Oh Boy… seems like I’ve fallen behind a bit with this here blog I promised I’d update y’all with! Well like most things I promise on the internet, they take some time. 

Eight Ball Coffee Truck San Antonio TExas

Last week a new coffee shop popped up on my usual route to work. I think this is probably the 4th coffee shop to post up on this same stretch of road within a mile. Don’t look at me, I’m not complaining!! Haha 

Welcome Eight Ball Coffee!
A cool little coffee truck with what seems like two cool guys running the show. I don’t know yet, I’ve only been once. So to my surprise, they don’t serve cold brew. That immediately threw me off and made me want to leave, so the next best thing to order was an iced americano. I’m still not sure how an iced americano is equivalent to cold brew? Or maybe it’s just that espresso doesn’t melt the ice as much as drip coffee would? I digress…

That was the best damn Iced American I’ve ever had!

Unlike most other Americanos, it didn’t have that burnt, acidic, or grainy taste to it. It was SMOOTH! It was refreshing, and I could actually pick up some of the tasting notes. It was sweet but chocolaty which made it a great afternoon pick me up! Now if you’re ever in San Antonio, definitely gives these guys a try. Just don’t tell them I sent you because they have no idea who I am. Instead, tell them they should stock some coffee dude merch! 

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