There's Something Brewing in the Brew Lab!

There's Something Brewing in the Brew Lab!

Yo Yo Yo!!! It's been a minute I know but it's been getting spicy in the brew lab with lots of things coming down the pipeline and lots of coffee that I've been trying out!!

This is just going to be an update post/picture dump of the things that have been going on so brace yourselves!

Two great coffees came in the mail! The one of the left from Black White Roasters in North Carolina thanks to the homie SHRED AND the one of the right, Colibri Mountain Coffee, a local roaster here in San Antonio. Both of these coffees, well... it's kinda crazy to even call them coffee because they are full of fruit and juicy flavors! One from Ecuador and the other from Colombia, I never thought I would get these flavors!! If you think coffee just tastes like burnt chocolatey coffee then I dare you to venture out and pick up one of these bags!!
I also stopped by this new coffee shop in Houston recently! Kaffein Coffee
I was on my way to the Houston Children's Museum with my family when I had to stop for my fix... Yeah I know it's probably a slight inconvenience BUT and I glad I stopped. Growing up in a low to middle income Hispanic neighborhood, I've grown to respect the home grown business that have the sort of neighborhood charm! If you know what I mean, drop your favorite place that resonates with you in the comments, I'd love to see it! Anyways, this coffee shop is located in one of the oldest African American neighborhoods in Houston and it's full of culture! The dine in area was closed due to Covid still but the storefront was activated! There were local vendors there selling their goods, chatting it up, and hanging out while sipping some of that delicious black coffee. 
Coffee and Culture is something that keeps coming back to me. Everyone treats coffee differently and if we look back at the history of tea, there is a sort of ritual involved with it. But what about for coffee? Things have changed especially since we all need our fix and can get a 32oz to go cup full of coffee at our local as station. When I see the culture and coffee collide it's invigorating and exciting for me! I love to see people passionate about things and for them to be passionate about their neighborhood is just on another level. 
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