What’s with the Smile Coffee Face?

What’s with the Smile Coffee Face?

Someone asked me recently, “Yo Joseph, what’s up with the smiley face? You have it everywhere but what’s it mean?”


It’s simple… Coffee makes me smile. And I know I can’t be the only one!

You know that moment where you just brewed your coffee, first thing in the morning or you just finished going through the drive through and they hand you your coffee, the cup feels warm/cold, your insides are overjoyed by the prospect of being caffeinated, and everything just starts to make sense! You take that sip and you just smile. Ahhh how can this drink known all around the world make me feel alive, energetic, but most of all happy? It’s probably some type of magic or something but nonetheless, it’s a drink that we can share with anyone and the possibility of sharing that moment with everyone is amazing. 

so I hope the Smiley face reminds you to smile after that first sip and continue to kick ass! 


photos by the homie Donnovan Bravo 

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